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 Criminal Defense / Traffic & Municipal  Violations


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In criminal law, the state or federal government brings charges against a person for committing an act that has been deemed a crime. In order to successfully convict an individual of a crime, the government needs to prove to a jury that the defendant is guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt."

Individuals can be charged with a variety of crimes, as detailed below.


Individuals can be charged with a variety of crimes, including:

• Drug Crimes (possession, trafficking, cultivation, distribution, etc.) 
• Sex Crimes (rape, molestation, assault, pornography crimes, prostitution, lewd conduct, indecent exposure, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, crimes against children.) 
• Theft Crimes (embezzlement, petty theft, grand theft, grand theft auto, burglary, shoplifting, fraud) 
• White Collar Crimes (fraud, embezzlement, extortion, counterfeiting, identity theft, forgery, money laundering, racketeering, cyber crimes, bribery, insider trading, pyramid schemes) 
• Traffic Violations (DUI, DWI, vehicular manslaughter, hit & run) 
• Murder (first degree, second degree) 
• Violent crimes (domestic violence, aggravated assault, battery, hate crimes, weapons charges, armed robbery) 
• Juvenile crimes
• Kidnapping
• Arson
• Terrorist threats
• Espionage/treason/conspiracy



Felonies are serious criminal offenses that usually result in harsh legal penalties, including probation, steep monetary fines, no less than a year in state prison, and sometimes even the death penalty. Common types of felony crimes include arson, murder, kidnapping, grand theft, armed robbery, terrorist threats, rape, aggravated assault, treason, burglary, embezzlement, and certain drug crimes. When an individual is convicted of a felony, he/she may lose the right to certain privileges, such as the right to vote, buy and possess weapons, serve jury service, and hold certain professions.



Regardless of whether you have been charged with a municipal level charge or a felony, it is important to contact a skilled New Jersey criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with a crime. Criminal convictions leave a mark on your permanent record and may damage personal relationships or limit future professional opportunities. At Alsaidi & Chang, LLC, our attorneys have successfully defended clients throughout New Jersey. Our attorneys are well-versed in criminal defense, and have helped our clients avoid jail, probation, and other legal penalties. At our firm, we are dedicated to protecting our clients' rights, and providing them with compassionate legal care, aggressive negotiation, and personalized attention.

If you need experienced and professional legal representation in New Jersey, contact our criminal defense attorneys at Alsaidi & Chang, LLC today at (973) 925-2525.

Municipal Law – Traffic and Municipal Court

Our individual and business clients brush up against municipal government in a number of ways. Individual clients seek our services when dealing with summonses received for automobile, traffic, and minor criminal charges. Property owners often face code enforcement issues in local municipalities related to the use of their property, including regulation of tenants. To effectively deal with these legal issues as they arise, you need a law firm with the requisite knowledge and experience in municipal law.

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