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Personal Injury / Workers Compensation


Pristine Litigation



Alsaidi & Chang, LLC is one of the leading law firms in New Jersey in the area personal injury litigation. Our highly trained team of attorneys have a reputation of fighting relentlessly for the rights of accident victims. Under the law, if you are injured as a result of someone's negligence, you are entitled to be compensated for your pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost earnings. Alsaidi & Chang, LLC, will fight to get you the maximum amount that the law entitles you to receive.


Under New Jersey law, a property owner has an obligation to maintain his premises in a safe condition. Unfortunately, many landlords do not live up to this obligation. We have successfully represented countless accident victims who were injured as a result of broken stairs, leaky ceilings, dirty hallways, faulty windows, and uneven walkways. If you are the victim of an assault in a building where the landlord failed to provide adequate security or functioning locks that could have prevented the assault, New Jersey law holds the landlord responsible. Our law firm has extensive experience and achieved great success in suing landlords for failing to provide adequate security.

The law also imposes upon property owners responsibility for fire safety. We have represented numerous victims of building fires who have suffered burn injuries and smoke inhalation. Although the cause of a fire may have been accidental, there are strict fire safety requirements that a landlord must comply with to prevent the spreading of a fire and to insure that occupants are able to safely exit.



Depending on the jurisdiction, a property owner or municipality can be held liable for failing to maintain a sidewalk in a safe condition. If you fall due to an uneven sidewalk or because the sidewalk was not shoveled following a snow storm, the law entitles you to be compensated for your injuries.



If you are a construction worker, New Jersey law requires the property owner and general contractor provide you a safe place to work. All too often, construction workers are required to perform work at dangerous elevations and are not given adequate ladders, scaffolding, or safety lines to prevent a serious accident from occurring. New Jersey's labor law does not permit property owners to turn a blind eye to the unsafe practices of contractors working on their property. Our firm has achieved tremendous results in obtaining compensation for clients who have been injured at construction sites due to defective ladders, lack of safety equipment, unstable scaffolds, and defective machinery.



Most of us depend on motor vehicles to get around but car accidents continue to be one of the greatest dangers we face once leaving the home. Nearly three million people are injured each year as a result of car accidents and nearly 40,000 people die each year in car accidents. Driver inattentiveness and alcohol continue to be the greatest cause of roadway collisions. New Jersey law holds unsafe drivers responsible for the injuries they cause.

The insurance industry has developed a very profitable system where they pay as little as possible on car accident claims and take as long as possible to make payment. At Alsaidi & Chang, LLC, our attorneys know how to navigate this system. We have seen all of the tricks utilized by insurance companies and we know what it takes to prevent insurers from taking advantage of our clients.



All too often, dogs are being used as weapons rather than pets. The increased popularity of breeds such as the Pit Bull and Rottweiler has made dog attacks a more common occurrence than in the past. Given the strength of these breeds, dog bites can cause severe bodily injury. The law holds the owner of a vicious animal responsible for the damage it causes where the owner knew of should have known of the animal's vicious propensities.

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